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Ardern to raise deportations issue.

Ardern will be raising Australia’s controversial deportation policy in today’s meeting.

Asked if she knows whether the government is prepared to “water it down a little bit”, she replies:

Just to be clear, the issue we have is not with deportation. We deport as well. If a New Zealander comes to Australia and commits a crime, send them home … but when someone comes here and essentially hasn’t even really had any connection with New Zealand at all … have all their contacts in Australia, and is essentially Australian, sending them back to New Zealand, that’s where we’ve had the grievance.

Before winning the election, I heard the prime minister acknowledges that that is part of the policy have taken issue with. Even that acknowledgment tells me he’s hearing us; he knows it’s a problem.

We’ve never asked deportations as a general rule to stop. It’s just those extraordinary cases that trouble us. We won’t be hypocritical about it because we do it too.

Asked if there will be movements with the discretionary aspect of it, she says she’s raised it and wants to give Albanese time to consider it.

It’s been a long bugbear for us, so I would like to see movement on it.

Jacinda Ardern greets Anthony Albanese on her arrival at Kirribilli House last night in this photo supplied by the prime minister’s office. Photograph: PMO

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Victoria records 19 deaths, 8,025 new Covid cases

Victoria’s department of health has released today’s Covid update.

There have been 8,025 new cases reported and 19 further deaths.

Five hundred twelve people are being treated in the hospital with the virus, including 28 people in ICU.

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NSW records 11 deaths, 7,551 new Covid cases

NSW Health has released today’s Covid update.

There have been 7,551 new Covid cases reported and 11 further deaths.

One thousand two hundred fifty people are being treated in the hospital with the virus, including 41 people in ICU.

COVID-19 update – Friday, June 10, 2022

In the 24-hour reporting period to 4 pm yesterday:

– 96.5% of people aged 16+ have had one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine – 95% of people aged 16+ have had two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine

— NSW Health (@NSWHealth) June 9, 2022
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‘Triple La Niña’ warning

A senior US government scientist says that Australia’s east coast could be hit by a rare “triple La Niña” that brings flooding rains and cooler weather for the third summer in a row.

Experts say the prospect of a triple La Niña is real, but there is a disagreement between different computer models, and Australia could yet avoid a return of summer floods.

Scientists and weather forecasters are watching temperatures in an area in the tropical Pacific Ocean that has been unusually cool in recent months – one signal that the current La Niña could either remain in place until summer or fade and then return.

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Victorian Liberal MP Matthew Guy has tested positive for Covid.

Late yesterday I tested positive for covid. I feel okay now, just a bad head cold, and resting up. Back on deck Thursday night.

— Matthew Guy MP (@MatthewGuyMP) June 9, 2022

Helen Haines says she will work with the government on the integrity commission.

Independent MP Helen Haines is appearing on Radio National now, discussing a federal integrity commission.

Haines introduced a federal integrity commission bill to parliament in 2020 and is expected to be a key player in the Labor government’s establishment of an anti-corruption body.

She says she has established a joint select committee to facilitate the process with attorney-general Mark Dreyfus, of which she would be the co-chair.

I had a conversation with the attorney general a few days after the election, and he reassured me he wants to work very closely with me to ensure we get the integrity commission that is fit for purpose.

I’m waiting for the next steps to undertake that work with the attorney.

[I’ve had] one conversation thus far with Mr. Dreyfus; he was very open to that suggestion [a committee]; as yet, we haven’t got that nailed down, and I’ll be pursuing that.

Haines says she supports the inclusion of pork barrelling in the commission, which is part of why people have “lost trust” in the government.

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Celebrations planned in Biloela

Reporter Eden Gillespie and photographer Mike Bowers will cover the Nadesalingam family’s long-awaited return to Biloela today for us.

A reminder, the family will arrive at Thangool airport around 2.30 pm, where Priya Nadesalingam and members of the Home to Bilo campaign will speak.

Very excited to be heading off to Biloela today to cover the return of the Nadesalingam family with @mpbowers.

During our time in Biloela, I’ll remember that they – and thousands of other families – are still awaiting permanent protection.

— Eden Gillespie (@edengillespie) June 9, 2022

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Gillard tells Albanese to look after himself

Beyond Blue chair and former prime minister Julia Gillard, she has appeared on ABC News Breakfast this morning with advice for Australia’s newly sworn-in leader.

Asked what the biggest challenges for Anthony Albanese were, she replied:

Well, at the rate our new prime minister appears to be working, I think getting enough sleep might be the biggest challenge. Words of advice – make sure you’re looking after yourself as well.

She said there was “no need” to share her learnings dealing with a large crossbench as the PM was at the heart of the government she led.

He knows what it’s like to deal with people respectfully across the chamber.

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Sydney and Melbourne airport crowds

Here’s more footage of carnage at Sydney airport as travelers find themselves in lengthy crowds ahead of the long weekend.

Another holiday and another meltdown at Sydney’s privatized airport. The a massive queue for bag drop, then another one for security. They knew in advance how many people were coming because they sold tickets. Less staff = more privatized profit 😡

— David Shoebridge (@ShoebridgeMLC) June 9, 2022

It’s a similar scene in Melbourne:

Melbourne Airport is bracing for its busiest day since COVID-19 hit, with more than 95,000 passengers expected to travel through on Friday before the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

Passengers should arrive 1-2 hours before a domestic flight and 2-3 hours for an international trip.

— Callum Godde (@calgodde) June 9, 2022

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Ardern has no plans to become an Australian

Ardern is told Australians “love welcoming Kiwis, especially claiming the good ones as our own”.

She laughs politely.

You could end up an Australian one day!

“No,” Ardern replies, “there’s no prospect of that happening. Thank you, though.”

That’s the firmest answer we’ve had this morning.

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Ardern: the Pacific is our family

On China’s move to tell NZ to stop interfering in the Pacific, Ardern says she always takes the same view.

We are a Pacific nation. Our connections in the Pacific run deep. They are family. We have large Pacific communities in New Zealand … Pacific members of parliament, and Pacific ministers. So the relationship for us is not a bilateral relationship; it’s a family relationship. And so I don’t see our relationship as ever being able to be described as interference. We have a closeness to one another that will always be the case.

Ardern says there is “power in the collective”, while the Pacific Islands Forum will be critical for neighbors to speak for themselves.

I do think it’s time that there is an opportunity for our Pacific neighbors to speak for themselves. There’s a lot of commentary around what’s happening in the region—very little chance for them to talk about it.

[China’s] presence is in the new. The relationship that they have with the Pacific islands is not new. Whether or not they are seeking to change those relationships to dip into spaces like, for instance, the potential militarisation of our region, and that’s … where of course, you hear that concern being raised, Still, off the back of those recent trips, you also saw that the Pacific held its ground on security arrangements, and that again speaks to the fact that the Pacific is talking and sharing their views.

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