Blind Date: Geologist Cam and store manager Jess hit it off and went home with big grins

Cam, 28, says:

It was my first blind date, so a bit daunting from that aspect, but it didn’t take long for us to laugh at how weird the situation was and then get stuck into talking to each other. It was great. By the end, it seemed like we’d been friends for ages.

Jess is lovely; she’s super bubbly. Really energetic and talkative and makes lots of hand gestures. She’s very emphatic when she’s talking about things that she likes. It would be impossible to not to be sucked into a nice conversation with her. She’s just such a good conversationalist. We hit it off quickly.

We did the whole “What do you do for work? What are your hobbies?” and all that, but, you know, with some dates, you go through the motions, and it’s just boring, but with us, while we did that, it was still very amusing. I remember we were both just smiling and laughing the whole time.

She had some of those “date card” questions. The conversation didn’t lull at all, but whenever it did, even for a nanosecond, she would jump in and be like, “right, OK, I’ve got one of these,” and so one of the good ones was, “if you won the lotto, what would be your reaction at the newsagents and what would be the first thing that you buy?” Not the big purchase, the very first thing.

We spoke about foods you shouldn’t eat on a first date. I was like, “Those chicken wings look pretty good. But I think I’m just gonna hold off on those for the second date”. So we both made a couple of amusing remarks about us being all polite and dainty when tucking into pub food. And we were like, “If it gets to a second date, then all bets are off”. Just get straight into the food.

Geologist Cam

We swapped numbers and saw each other in a couple of messages. We both probably feel the same way about it, but it was a nice night. We enjoy each other’s company. So I would think that there’s potential for a second date.

Verdict: 9/10

Jess, 27, says:

It was good. I had a lot of fun. And Cam is brilliant. The whole date went so much better than I could have, like, anticipated. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire way home.

Honestly, I was trying so hard not to think about it. I think the beauty of being a blind date; you don’t know anything about them. And if all else fails, it’s fine. You don’t owe that person anything.

I ended up going to the wrong restaurant. I went to the place next door, so I was a little late. I noticed Cam’s energy straight off the bat, and he’s also a good-looking dude, so I was like, “Yes”. I’m a little bit weird, a little bit quirky; I think that’s probably the best way to describe me, so it was an instant connection. He’s an awesome guy with a great sense of adventure. At one point, he casually explained that his dad has a yacht.

He works as a geologist, making two for two on the last couple of dates I’ve had. I would generally try and avoid dating people that do mining jobs. I know it’s a very tricky lifestyle to lead,, but he told me he doesn’t do the FIFO thing too often. It’s only once every couple of months that he goes out to the site.

He does book club with his guy friends, which I thought was awesome. That’s so wholesome. He was like, “It’s kind of nerdy”, but I’m like, “I love it. It’s wonderful. It’s great.”

He’s allergic to cats, but his sister has three cats. I have my cat as well. So we were getting into cat chat. We were talking about break-ins, and my first thought was that I would throw my cat at an intruder.

We shared a creme caramel. I mentioned, “I really shouldn’t be having this. I’m pretty sure I’m lactose intolerant.” And he’s like, “OMG, same”. But it was delicious, so no regrets.

I made sure I got his number at the end of the date. I’ve been messaging him and having a little chat. Hopefully, things will go a little bit further. But even if it doesn’t, it brought me a lot of confidence back.

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