Blind Date: Mining machine operator Louise and communications technician Cameron go on a bar date

Nerves might have impacted mining machine operator Louise’s date with communications technician Cameron, but they still found common ground.

Cameron, 32, says:

Louise was there first. As I got to The Elford, I saw someone sitting by themselves and wondered if it was my date.

But I still went up to the bar and said I had a booking, and they took me over to the table, which was the same table I had seen as I walked in.

Camera Icon‘A bit worried’: Cameron. Credit: Alan Chau/The West Australian

We introduced each other. I did forget her name pretty much immediately, but at the end of the night, I remembered it.

The experience was a bit weird, I suppose. I’ve never done anything like it before. It was initially awkward figuring out how to talk to each other, but it went well.

I had no idea what to expect. I was a bit worried initially. I was quite surprised; after the first 10 or 15 minutes, it was pretty easy to talk to her. We also had a drink, and I started relaxing a bit, and the nerves started settling, I guess.

Mining machine

She works up at the mines. We both like camping and have similar music tastes, I guess. I play in two metal bands. I think she was going to look one of them up. But I didn’t talk the whole night about my music.

Louise is pretty outdoorsy, and so am I. She’s got a horse. She used to have a couple, which is pretty cool. I like to stay active but don’t do much in winter. I’m concentrating on work and music, but in summer, I play cricket competitively, which takes up a fair amount of time.

We exchanged details when we left, and I dropped her back at her place afterward. I’m pretty busy this week, but I’ll talk to her in a few days and see if she wants to meet again.

Verdict: 7/10

Louise, 31, says:

Being the first blind date I had ever been on, I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t know what to expect.

I arrived 20 minutes earlier than I thought, but the staff was helpful and kept me comfortable while waiting. I didn’t mind being so early because I could get my bearings and calm down.

Camera Icon‘Nervous wreck’: Louise. Credit: Alan Chau/The West Australian

Cameron arrived right on time; we introduced ourselves and sat down together.

We were both a bit nervous, but once the conversation started, it flowed pretty well for the rest of the night.

My first impression of Cameron is that I found him to be quiet but kind, and once we were a little more comfortable, he opened up a little more. I’m pretty tall, and he’s over 6 feet, so that was a plus.

We discussed our interests; we love camping and enjoy being outdoors. I’m also into gaming and travel and have been getting into hiking and snorkeling lately. I love the ocean.

We also discussed what we do for work, family, and pets. We had much in common; it was a nice, relaxed conversation.

I can’t quite name the best part of the date, as it was all very enjoyable. He was very considerate and offered me a lift home afterward, where I think we both connected with our taste in music. He spoke a bit about the metal band he’s in. I hope to keep in contact with him and see where everything goes.

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