Blind Date: Pharmacist Amy and plumber Scott chatted about work, hobbies and, of course, dogs

Amy, 29, says:

I got there stupidly early. It’s just who I am as a person. I was about 20 minutes early. So I went to the loo, checked I looked OK, then went up to the bar and told them I had a reservation, and the bartender said, “oh, you’re here for the date”. They were very excited.

Scott arrived. The first thing he did was apologize for being late even though he was also still early. We went for the awkward handshake half-hug kind of thing. We sat down, ordered a drink, and he said, “tell me about you,” I instantly forgot every detail about myself.

He was lovely. We got along really well. We seem to have a lot of things in common. We established pretty early on that he doesn’t like camping. He doesn’t enjoy fishing, which is excellent news for me. I can’t stand either of those. He thought it was a bit of a red flag that I don’t drink coffee. But thought it was hilarious that I was drinking an espresso martini.

Interestingly enough, his brother-in-law is also a pharmacist. I was chatting to my sister-in-law afterward, and I mentioned he was a plumber, which they thought was great because we don’t have one in the family. Unfortunately for Scott, we already have a pharmacist in the family, so I’m a bit redundant.

He has a dog called Marshmallows. He took it in his stride, sohat I said straighimmediately’m allergic to dogs. It’s not that I don’t like dogs. Dogs are fabulous.

Scott also does roller hockey, which I thought was cool. He’s renovating his house, which is awesome.

Our personalities complement each other. I’m a very high-strung, very type-A personality, and he’s laidback and rolls with the punches. So having that kind of balance is quite nice.

He walked me back to my car afterward, which I thought was lovely. I’d love to see him again. We exchanged numbers at the end. I want to believe there could be some romantic potential there. We could go for drinks again.


Scott, 32, says:

I felt pretty good before the date. I wasn’t stressing about it. I was trying not to overthink it. I was more worried that, being Perth and so small, I was thinking about what if I’m set up with someone I know. She doesn’t know my brother-in-law, but she’s heard of him. He’s a pharmacist as well. I find that quite a lot of people know him. He’s a great character.

It was good. I only got two hours of parking because I thought it wouldn’t go any longer than two hours. But we could have stayed there for longer.

I walked into The Elford and was taken over to the table. Amy was there first. I was on time, but she said she wasn’t waiting toog. We sat down and got to know each over a drink. We ordered a few share plates and cocktails later.

One of the first things I noticed was that she’s pretty, and we’re both pretty easygoing and down to earth, which is a plus.

We were talking about the usual, like what we do for work. She’s a pharmacist, told me about the,at, and she works in a hospital. We talked about our hobbies and family, that sort of stuff. I was talking about my dog. She didn’t have a pet because she’s allergic, but we talked about my pet because that’s a big part of my life. I also do a bit of roller hockey and go to the gym, that kind of stuff.

Everyone probably says this, but we both had to get up for work the next morning. I didn’t want to have late; my parking had already run out. So we finished,d I walked her to her car, which was close to where I had parked. I did get her number, so I’d be interested in getting to know her better and catching up again. I thought the whole thing went pretty well.

Bella E. McMahon
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