How woman was reunited with ring she lost in the mail

A northern-NSW woman has opened up about how Australia Post found her missing gold ring after it slipped out of an envelope during delivery.

Jenny Frecklington-Jones took to Twitter on Monday to share the incredible journey of a 9ct gold ring she has owned for over twenty years.

The ring with engraved crescent moons and stars was gifted to a 14-year-old Frecklington-Jones by a boy she had been dating.

When she ended the relationship, she returned the ring to the boy and didn’t see it for two decades.

“Fast forward 20 years, I ran into his sister who was wearing the ring, and she returned it to me,” Ms. Frecklington-Jones wrote.

Believing the ring had some lucky properties, over the years, she began to lend it to friends who had a phobia of flying.

”’ It’ll always come back to me safely,’ I’d say, and it kept coming back,” she said.

Camera IconJenny Frecklington-Jones at 14 years old wearing the precious ring. Twitter Credit: NCA NewsWireCamera IconThe ring was lost in the mail for several days before Australia Post returned it to its owner. Mark Brake Credit: News Corp Australia

On one occasion, she had been dating a writer in Brisbane for a few weeks before he moved to Perth.

When the departure day came, he revealed he feared flying.

She handed him the ring and said, “Here, take this, and send it back to me in the fullness of time”.

Camera IconThe ring was shared with loved ones about to hop on long-haul flights over two decades. Mark Brake Credit: News Corp Australia

“It’s been all over the world keeping travelers safe. And it always comes back to me. Keep it as long as you need,’” she assured him before slipping the ring onto his little finger and bidding him farewell.


The man told her a few months later that he had returned the ring to her by post.

“One night, I checked the mailbox, and there was an empty paper envelope addressed to me with a ragged half-moon cut marks all along the bottom and then a perfectly round hole where the ring had escaped,” she recalled.

“I couldn‘t think why [he] had not used a padded bag, but … some men, hey?”

She contacted Australia Post using an online contact form to explain what it looked like, where it was traveling from, and to where.

Camera IconAustralia Post has been praised for their swift return of the prized possession. NCA NewsWire / Kelly Barnes Credit: News Corp Australia

“I got a rather perfunctory note back saying someone at Aus Post would look into it,” she said.

Ms. Frecklington-Jones said she held out “absolutely no hope” that anyone at Australia Post cared or the ring would be found.

A few days later, she received an email saying her beloved ring had been found at Adelaide’s bottom of a sorting machine.

“I have packaged the ring properly, and it is on its way back to you,” the Australia Post staffer wrote.

Within two days, the ring arrived in her mailbox.

“Some amazing people are working for Australia Post,” she said.

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