Quick Answer: How Do I Listen To Podcasts On My Apple Computer

In the Podcasts app on your Mac, click Listen Now (or another item) in the sidebar. Hover over the show or episode you want to play, then click the play button. You’ll see the play buttons at the top of the Podcasts window when the attack is playing.

Why is there no podcast app on Mac?

The most obvious answer is the Podcasts app, which comes straight from Apple. After Apple split iTunes into three standalone apps for Music, Podcasts, and TV, the Podcasts app is the way to get your spoken word entertainment on macOS Catalina and beyond.

Are podcasts free on Mac?

App Availability Now, Apple Podcasts is available out of the box on every Mac. Apple Podcasts is free, with the main drawback being that it is only available on Apple devices.

How do I access Podcasts on my computer?

Listen to podcasts on the web or desktop. If you plan to listen to podcasts from your desktop or laptop computer, you can do it one of two ways: through a web player platform (such as Spotify Web Player) or a desktop app (such as Apple Podcasts or the Spotify desktop app).

Can I listen to podcasts on my computer?

Some people describe podcasts as “radio on the web,” but the medium of podcasting has become much more. You can listen to podcasts using your computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.


How do I listen to Apple podcasts on my Mac?

In the Podcasts app on your Mac, click Listen Now (or another item) in the sidebar. Hover over the show or episode you want to play, then click the play button. You’ll see the play buttons at the top of the Podcasts window when the attack is playing.

Does Apple have a podcast app for Mac?

Follow or unfollow shows on Mac. To find out when new episodes come out, find and follow the shows you like. You can also purchase Apple Podcasts subscriptions to listen to premium content in the Apple Podcasts app.

How do I use the Apple New podcast?

Follow a podcast show. Browse or search for a show in the Apple Podcasts app. Tap the display to see the information page. Tap the add button. † New episodes are automatically downloaded for free, and you’ll be notified when they become available.

How do I use Apple Podcasts?

The Podcasts app for iOS provides easy access to popular and recommended podcasts using the navigation icons at the bottom. To subscribe to a podcast, tap Subscribe on the page for that Podcast. Tap an episode to play a podcast. To download an episode, tap the iCloud icon in the episode list.

Where are downloaded podcasts stored on Mac?

Podcast files are stored in a location that you would not easily find. In your home folder, they are located in /Library/Group Containers/XXXX. groups.com. Apple.

Can you listen to Apple Podcasts online?

You can now listen to Apple Podcasts directly on the web.

How do I transfer podcasts from iPhone to computer?

Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Go to This PC or My Computer on your Windows PC, then navigate to the connected iPhone from the left panel. Search the internal memory for the Podcast that was recently downloaded. Once you’ve found the Podcast, right-click on it and select Copy.

Do you have to pay for podcasts on Apple?

Android users also have a free built-in podcast app. It does everything Apple Podcasts does, so you can start listening and subscribing in seconds to keep it going.

How do I get podcasts on my Macbook Pro?

Podcast Recording Open QuickTime Player and select New Audio Recording. Start recording in QuickTime Player. In the New Project window, choose Podcast. Choose the file name and location of your Podcast. Delete unnecessary podcast audio tracks. Hit the record button when you’re ready to get started.

How do I download a podcast to my computer?

Connect to Wi-Fi and navigate to a podcast. Select your favorite episode and click the three-dot menu button. The menu should give you options to share or download the desired spell. Click on ‘Download’.

How do I listen to podcasts?

You can download the Google Podcasts app on your Android phone or tablet. Search for a podcast in your Google app or on google.com. Ask your Google Assistant to play a specific podcast.

Where are my audiobooks on my Mac?

In the Books app on your Mac, click Audiobooks in the sidebar to see the audiobooks you’ve downloaded to your library. Browse or search for an audiobook, then double-click the audiobook you want to listen to. Note: To purchase more audiobooks, please visit the Audiobook Store.

Where does it go when I download a podcast?

If you navigate to a downloaded podcast while online, you can access all the episodes available for that Podcast. The attacks you have downloaded will have a downloaded icon below the episode title. Only the episodes you’ve downloaded will appear in the podcast profile when you’re offline.

How do I listen to podcasts on my computer for free?

The most popular examples are iTunes and Spotify. If you have either app on your computer, navigate to the podcast section, scroll around, and hit play.

Does the Apple podcast app sync between devices?

On your Mac: In the Podcasts app, choose Podcasts > Preferences > Advanced and make sure “Show sync across devices” is selected. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Go to Settings > Podcasts and ensure Sync podcasts are turned on.

How do I put podcasts on my iPhone from iTunes?

To sync iTunes with your mobile device, connect your iPhone or iPad and click the small icon in the top left corner. Click on the Podcasts entry in the Settings section. Check the podcasts and individual episodes you want to sync to your device, then click Sync.

How do I export podcasts from my iPhone?

In iTunes 11, choose File > Library > Export Playlist for available Podcasts and select the OPML format. Or, right-click the Podcasts item in the sidebar (if the sidebar is not displayed, click View > Show Sidebar, select “Export,” and then choose Format OPML.

What is the best free podcast app?

These are the best podcast apps: Apple Podcasts. Google Podcasts. Spotify app. TuneIn radio. Audible. sSewingmachine.

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