Samm Jane: UK mum goes viral on TikTok after forcing son to apologise to girl he bullied

A single mum has been hailed as a model parent after she took extraordinary steps to force her son to apologize to a girl he had bullied in class.

From Warwickshire in the UK, Samm Jane shared a TikTok video detailing the incident — which quickly went viral.

The mum of three boys said she received a call from the school saying that her then 11-year-old son Dave (not his real name) had been sending nasty messages to a female classmate.

Ms. Jane took matters into her own hands, waiting until her son arrived home that day before demanding he unlocks his phone — and hand it over.

The 32-year-old was appalled to discover messages directed to a young girl in Dave’s class calling her a string of profanities, including a “c**t”, “t**t,” and a “b***h”.

The horrific messages also called her “fat” and “ugly”.

Ms. Jane said her son had also sent the girl abusive voice messages.

“I was like, ‘What are you playing at?’ and my son goes, ‘She does my head in at school’,” she said.

“And I said, ‘I don’t give a f**k if she does your head in at school. What gives you the right to speak to her like that?’

Camera IconSoe of Samm Jane’s son’s text messages to a female classmate. Credit: Kennedy News and Media


“I told him, ‘She’s going to be looking in the mirror now and feeling so insecure’. I couldn’t let it go.”

The outraged mum forced her son down to the shops to buy flowers and chocolates before taking him to the girl’s house and demanding he apologize to her — and her parents.

She even made him pay for the flowers and chocolates out of the money he would receive for his birthday the next day.

“I made him say what he was sorry for. The mum wasn’t aware of it; the girl hadn’t told her mum.

“I repeated everything that Dave said to her, and the girl’s dad said, ‘I’m not going to lie, mate if you were a grown man and you said that to my daughter, I would have kicked your head in’.”

She also confiscated her son’s phone, laptop, and Playstation as part of his punishment.

Since posting the video on TikTok, she has raised huge amounts of praise from users online.

One user wrote: “Proper old-school parenting, well done. You’re a great mum and a great person.”

Another commented: “Yes, queen. If my boys ever do anything like this, I will be doing the same!! So proud of you.”

“We’ve got to bring up the next generation,” Ms. Jane said.

“It’d be so much easier if parents taught their boys — and girls — to apologize and to make up.”

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